The most popular frameworks for website development in 2023

The popularity of frameworks – the framework (template) based on which the site is created – is growing every year. And it’s not surprising. Frameworks ensure the stability of the software and provide a minimal set of tools that can be supplemented with your functions. Proven in practice, debugged development environment makes it easy for beginners and experienced programmers. They can concentrate on writing clean, safe code and focus on the quality of the project.

What frameworks are available?

Which framework to choose depends on the task to be solved:

Frontend frameworks (Angular, Vue, React) – the user interface and related components (client part of the server) depend on them. With their help, you can add animation, quickly work with styles, and adapt the site for different devices (PC, smartphone, tablet) to view the page well.

Backend frameworks (Laravel, Django, Flask) – are responsible for the work of the server’s internal, hardware, and software parts, which affects how well the application/website will run. They are a library of modules and tools that help create the site’s architecture, application, and software. They can be used to design APIs and other backend services and define how data should be stored, processed, and queried on the server side.

Cross-platform frameworks (React Native, Electron) – with their help, it is possible to create a single application that works on different OS. It allows businesses to save time and money on development. Companies can quickly reach the entire target audience and work effectively with customers, no matter their device.

The best frameworks for building a 2023 website

Choosing frameworks for web development largely depends on the features needed in the application. However, the best framework that are popular for developers in 2023 is Django.