What is the secret to the popularity of Friends Only?

If in 2020-2021 we all observed the peak of popularity of projects such as TikTok and OnlyFans, then in the current 2022 they will be strongly pushed by FriendsOnly. This platform has already begun to slowly but surely pull bloggers from Only Fans. Due to what it is becoming more popular and what advantages does it offer to its users?

What is the reason for the growing popularity of Friends Only?

Let’s start with the main thing, how the platform wins the interest of TikTok users and especially OnlyFans. The platform is a full-fledged social network on which a blogger creates his page and starts uploading videos to the feed. Videos are allowed of any content, including 18+. Only content that contradicts the law is prohibited.

FriendsOnly is a very successful mix of TikTok and especially OnlyFans. On the main page, users are shown videos corresponding to their interests. This feature promotes the promotion of bloggers, who, in turn, upload not only paid videos to their feeds.

Free videos are just broadcast on the main screen, attracting new subscribers to the page.

How to make money on Friends Only?

The scheme of earning bloggers on the site is based on advertising, as it is implemented in the same TikTok, but on subscriptions. The content published in the feed is only partially open for free viewing. The most interesting and exclusive videos are available only for money.

The blogger has the right to set the subscription price independently, based on his popularity, activity, demand for videos, and other factors. You can monetize any content — educational, entertaining, or even for adults.