Vivo X60 Pro: smartphone for photo artists

Manufacturers of the Vivo X60 Pro smartphone rely on high-quality photos, as well as on the high performance of the device.

The ability to take high-quality photos and videos is becoming an increasingly important characteristic of a smartphone for the consumer. It was the Vivo brand that decided to make a bet on professional photography, which equipped its flagship X60 Pro with a number of technological innovations aimed at ensuring high-quality photography.

First of all, the X60 Pro smartphone is equipped with a camera created jointly with ZEISS. Thanks to this cooperation, the camera in the smartphone opens up great creative possibilities when working with any images: original or edited, created for personal or professional purposes. Also, the X60 Pro smartphones reproduce almost all the features of the lenses of the famous Biotar series, including high-definition elements in the center of the frame and spectacular details in the defocus zone. The technologies used in the photoflagman camera include the proprietary “chip” of Biotar lenses — the so-called vortex bokeh effect.

The main camera of the smartphone X60 Pro is equipped with an updated professional stabilization system 2.0, which ensures stability with each shot. The professional stabilization 2.0 system makes it possible to stabilize the image along four axes, and thanks to the aperture of the main camera increased to f/1.48 with a modified IMX598 matrix, it has become much more interesting to shoot night scenes and extreme sports.

If in conventional smartphones the optics are stabilized along two axes, then in the new smartphone the video shooting quality is provided by a five-axis stabilization system: VIS 5-axis video stabilization fights smartphone vibration at any angle. Pixel Shift Ultra HD technology provides high definition when shooting architecture, landscapes and other spectacular views. For shooting at night, there are many modes in the camera settings: night, night portrait, night panorama, starry sky, supermoon and even night mode for a wide-angle camera. Another feature of the camera is the sports mode. It uses a motion tracking algorithm that is able to focus on a single object, as well as on a person’s eyes, face or body. No wonder Vivo is the official partner of FIFA.

Portraits in the new smartphone are obtained at a high level thanks to a professional 50 mm portrait lens and a noise reduction algorithm when combining several frames. And the long exposure mode implemented in the X60 Pro smartphone allows you to bring a little romance and art into reality, adding motion blur and a trail of lights of the night city to professional shots. The smartphone also has a volume sound recording with three microphones: intelligent scaling and directional sound tracking allow algorithms to reduce wind noise and other extraneous sounds and allow better voice recording.

We were able to check the operation of the Vivo X60 Pro smartphone on a test. First of all, the device makes a favorable impression with its design: the thickness of the elegant curved 3D case of the X60 Pro is only 7.69 mm, and the weight is 179 grams. The device has an impressive 6.56-inch Ultra O display, thanks to a small front-facing camera with a diameter of only 3.96 mm, the display has a pleasant and balanced design, while providing a high-quality image when taking selfies. The elegant edging on the upper edge attracts attention, the smartphone has received a new shade, which, according to the creators, is inspired by summer colors: delicate blue and purple tones breaking through the morning fog should remind of sunrise.

The smartphone works quickly with any applications: the flagship Snapdragon 870 platform surpasses the previous generation – Snapdragon 865 in all respects, including a 10% increase in performance of both the central and graphics processors. Such high power gives excellent results in everyday use of a smartphone and allows, in particular, to get impressions even from complex graphics in games. The technological solution here is that part of the built-in memory is reserved for use as RAM, so a smartphone with 12 GB of RAM actually has 12 GB + 3 GB of RAM on board, which allows you to run many applications on the device without failures and delays.

Another interesting technical solution: when the refresh rate of the display reaches 120 Hz, the user interface moves to a whole new level: the frame rate becomes higher, the video is smoother, and the visual details are more interesting. The 240 Hz response rate literally changes the experience of the game. X60 Pro smartphones support UFS 3.1 flash memory. You can easily watch movies and videos in Ultra HD format and easily copy large files. The X60 Pro smartphone has an HDR10+ certificate and takes the image quality on the display to a new level. Thanks to the presence of the X60 Pro smartphone certificates of SGS Eye Care Display and SGS Seamless, the world will sparkle with new colors for you. And the Hi-Res sound certification in the X60 Pro smartphone ensures high sound quality.

The disadvantages of the smartphone can only be attributed to the sloping edges of the main screen. Many manufacturers have already abandoned such a solution, it is considered that it is not very convenient. But, perhaps, this is a matter of taste: during the test use of the Vivo X60 Pro, such a screen configuration did not cause any complaints. And in any case, this touch outweighs other undoubted advantages of this model. On October 21, Vivo X60 Pro goes on sale in the official Vivo online store.